Jenny Plested, freelance PR Consultant. Freelance public relations consultant, providing PR services, copywriting and proofreading.
What I do...
  • Build, maintain and manage reputation
  • Provide professional advice and support
  • Write for SEO
  • Write accurate and consistent material
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How I can help...

Public relations can help promote your business in many ways. You may not know where to start, but don't panic, I'm here to help! Browse through a selection of typical questions and scenarios...

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What I have done...

I work on a variety of projects in a number of different industries, including business to business and business to customer. Take a look at some of my work...

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Welcome to my website:

I am a freelance public relations consultant with over 10 years experience of internal and external communications in both the private and public sector. My experience includes:

  • copywriting
  • proofreading
  • press release writing
  • editorial
  • advertorial
  • writing for marketing material
  • writing website copy, including SEO
  • newsletters and bulletins
  • speeches
  • planning, developing and implementing PR strategies
  • celebrity interviews
  • PR event management


Freelance PR services, including press releases, events and interviews.

Expert, professional, friendly and efficient:

If you are looking for professional advice and support I will work with you to publicise your news and promote your corporate image to your target audience, and help build, maintain and manage your reputation.

Helping your business:

If you are a new business who needs help promoting your services, or an established company that is looking for extra help with PR and the media, give me a call and I will provide help and guidance with your PR needs.

Freelance public relations, copywriting, proofreading and press release writing.

Where did I get my experience?

View a copy of my current CV, or download a copy in PDF format.

M'Arties - mini articles.

M'Arties are my mini articles that are designed to be informative, fun or at least entertaining!

The strange world of onomatopoeia

Sometimes when we're looking for just the right word it's a sound that best fits the bill. Onomatopoeia - the imitation of a sound, provide us with some great copy when there is no other way to describe something.

Errm, umm, ooh and oh are words that phonetically imitate or suggest the sound that it describes. Common occurrences of Onomatopoeia include animal noises such as 'meow', 'oink' and 'roar' or specific sounds such as 'honk', 'beep-beep' and 'zap'.

Comic books extensively use onomatopoeia's such as 'pow', 'bam' and 'wham', even though they're not 'words' we know and understand exactly what they mean, especially when they are used in conjunction with images.

Onomatopoeia simply means nothing more than the sound it makes. 'Boing' for example means nothing more than what it sounds like - it is only a sound effect. If you ever want to know what an onomatopoeic word means, just ask yourself "what does it sound like?"

For more information/help/advice give me a call on 01920 318202 or email me.