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How can I help?

I am launching a new business

Launching a new business is very exciting but can also be very stressful. While you are concentrating on the logistics of getting your business up and running you may not have time to think about getting your name out there for the world to see as effectively as possible, things you may want to consider are having a launch party, press releases, photocalls, special offers and a website. Having built relationships with different types of media I can help you gain media attention and suggest forms of advertising to help launch your new venture.

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I need to write some marketing material

Your marketing material, be it a website, leaflet or poster is often the first contact you have with potential customers. You need to portray the right image with the right words to attract your target market. All marketing material should be written according to its intended market whether it's for children or adults, business or entertainment. I have experience of writing copy for a range of ages in a number of different areas, and can offer advice on getting your message across succinctly and concisely.

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I need help promoting an event

Promoting an event for children needs a different approach to promoting an event for a Chairman. There are many different things to consider when promoting an event such as wording on the invitation, pre and post event press releases, photocalls if you would like media attendance etc. I have worked on many events over the years, from large public events of 4000 people to smaller private events for 100 people. I will work with you to find the best approach for your needs.

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I want to reach a wider market

If you are diversifying your product range or simply want to appeal to a wider market it is important to target the right people in the right way, and through the right channels.Writing a press release or a feature for a relevant publication can increase customer awareness of your product or business. Offering additional incentives such as money off or providing useful information that customers will want to use will help your business be memorable.

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I need copy for my website

Writing copy for your website and for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) needs a different approach to writing conventional marketing material. The information on a website needs to be written in a way that;

  1. search engines will find you to start with
  2. is relevant
  3. will keep people on your site

I have experience of writing website copy for a variety of different businesses and can offer advice on getting the most out of a powerful marketing tool.

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I would like someone to carry out a celebrity interview

If you have a celebrity attending an event or would like a celebrity interview to add weight to your article or feature I will provide a professional PR face for your business. I have carried out a number of celebrity interviews and chaperoned celebs at events. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when faced with a celebrity and you're wondering what to say! I provide a proficient, professional and competent service to take the stress off you.

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I need to write a speech

If you are worried about writing a speech – let me help! I can offer advice and guidance on writing the perfect speech for your event. I will supply successful copy that provides structure and consistency that illustrates your professional business reputation.

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I would like to write a newsletter or bulletin

Whether you want to write an internal or external newsletter or bulletin I will write copy that will engage your readers. With over 10 years experience of writing internal and external newsletters for both the private and public sector I can also offer advice on design, layout, the things that work – and those that don't!

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I want to promote a new service

If you have got an exciting new service - make sure people know about it. There are many ways you can make your target market aware of your new service. Whether you are targeting new or existing customers there are a number of things you can do such as;

  1. press release
  2. email campaign
  3. leaflet
  4. vouchers
  5. launch party/event – if appropriate

I will work with you and discuss your requirements to find the most suitable methods of promotion for you.

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I would like a feature in a magazine

A feature in a magazine isn't only informative to the reader but also provides you with excellent coverage. Promoting your company name, products and services through relevant media will increase customer awareness and can lead to more potential sales. Features should provide readers with quality information and not just be a sales pitch. Publications will not want to print something that doesn’t have a benefit to their readers in one way or another. Including promotions such as money off coupons are a good incentive to potential and existing customers.

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I need copy for an advert

Advertorial needs to be succinct and concise as space is limited. Getting your message across in such few words can be daunting – so let me do it for you! As the name suggests advertorial is a combination of advertisement and editorial, it is a story that sells your product or service. The art of writing a good advertorial is to get the right balance between story and sale. Stay away from advertising slogans and clichés such as "you've tried the rest, now try the best" or "lowest price, best service". Advertorial is 'softly softly' advertising. Use a simple, everyday writing style, and stay away from slogans.

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I need someone to proofread my copy

Proofreading any copy is vitally important in portraying a good corporate image and consistency. What impression do you get when you read something that is spelt incorrectly or is grammatically incorrect?

Any written material you produce can be the first relationship your business has with potential customers. Incorrect material can have a harmful effect on this relationship, where correct spelling and grammar will present a professional image.

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Help, I don’t know where to start

If writing isn’t your thing then it is best to hand it over to someone who can! I love writing and can bring flare and professionalism to written material. Any of my PR services can be taken as a one off or as an on-going contract. I have over 10 years experience in the private and public sectors, within a range of industries and have built good media relationships. No matter what size your business, your reputation is vitally important. I will work with you to determine your PR needs and create a PR campaign to suit you.

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I need a website

These days consumers are looking for the right product at the right price, they want to shop and find information easily and from anywhere in the world. Consumers are looking for convenience, and the internet fits that need. Investing in such a powerful business tool isn’t just cost effective but increases customer awareness of your business, reaching thousands of potential customers. With so many companies vying for business a website is paramount in today’s market.

I work closely with a website design company who are professional, friendly and work with you to produce a fantastic investment to your business.

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